I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children.I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden.I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived." — Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, that's just RUDE!

Look what they have come out with.....All these delicious cookies that I don't even dare try because.....one is too many and a thousand is never enough.

But come on! How rude that they make such deliciousness!

So today I walked my little color vibe 5k with my friend Melanie. We had a great time. 

We looked CRAZY!!!! And she is a fast walker! Sheesh! She and I have actually been losing weight "together" for a long time. We are girls camp buddies and there is a picture from us a few years ago and we were both lots heavier. And we are both basically the same weight now. She keeps me going because I am competitive. ;) We had a fun time. Love her!


California: So, of course one of the days the girls were really looking forward to was shopping at some outlets. We spent hours! It was so boring. :) But the girls loved it. And Zoe really loved it. She liked being part of the big girls. And she had her own money and was so very proud to spend it. It was cute.

Having lunch and figuring out our next stop...

The little shopping fashionistas...

Look at that SWEET face!

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